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Haikyuu PhotoBOO!th [pearl Postcard]

Haikyuu PhotoBOO!th [pearl Postcard]

All orders will be shipped in March!!

Happy Halloween from the Haikyuu boys!

 size: postcard | A6 (105 × 148 mm)
 paper weight: 300 g/m² 
 material: pearl finish cardstock [video] *

* it looks and is as delicate as chinese silk, so be careful not to scratch the surface with your nails! c: it looks pretty under the influence of light, so try it out by tilting them under daylight or your lamp! Also lighter colors reflect light, darker colors absorb light so it has a slight layered effect. I hope you'll like this effect!❤ ofc if you plan to send them as postcards please ignore what i just said haha or put them into an envelope to avoid scratches ^~^b)

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3.50 EUR