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FINAL FANTASY - 30th Anniversary Fanbook

FINAL FANTASY - 30th Anniversary Fanbook

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♦ shipping time: late Aug - Sep!

♦ this fanbook is organized by Shijima Zerifu in Japan, who will take over all orders from Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Macau, Japan and Korea
so please do not buy here, if you are from these areas! All other Asian countries and the rest of the world will be managed by me.

♦ this fanbook will be sold at Taiwan CWT too

♦ fanbook content:

A4|24P|Full Color

˙ features 15 artists
˙ contains an illustration per FF generation (Final Fantasy 1 ~ 15 + Type 0)
˙ 12 ink drawings of FF monsters
˙ Famous quote of each FF generation (Japanese)
˙ Signature page of all artists

˙ 1 random pick out of 3 FFXV postcards

♦ A4 Odin folder (not included in the fanbook)

15 EUR
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