Dear customer!

I'm sorry that a wall of text is following up, since I can't avoid the terms and conditions, when we want both customer and artist to be happy. I suggest to read this just in case and I'll keep my language as simple and short as possible to avoid confusion!


For now payment is only accepted via paypal. Payment option with credit card is following up.

Shipping costs

I offer shipping flatrate for both worldwide and nationwide.

Shipping goes worldwide. The delivery time depends on the destination country and is a total of preparation + DHL shipping time. Registered mail is available. Please check out the timetable below to see the estimated shipping time for your country. If your country is not listed, please contact me under

according to DHL Germany:


When you place an order it means that I will ship out your order very soon. I am sorry, that I can't accept cancellations. But I accept changes on your order. For example you ordered print A but changed your mind and actually want print B, that would be no problem, when you email me before I send out the actual order and if the price is the same .

Damaged Order

When an item is obviously damaged during the shipping process (severely folded, obviously crushed), I can only replace it when you chose 'registered mail' as shipping option, since whatever happens during the shipping process is not my fault and it's the post delivery's responsibility. However, they only compensate registered mail and not regular mails, I'm sorry for that. I try my best to protectmy babies as well by screaming DO NOT BEND on the packages and securing them with bubble wrap.


I'm sorry that I can't offer return, once the order is shipped. I only accept replacement for a damaged product.


After several experiences, they are now put into a flat cardboard envelope.
If you choose Registered Mail (with tracking number) they will be backed up with a thick cardstock inside to provide extra protection.

Charms, Postcards, Sticker Sheets
They are put into bubblewrap envelopes.


Each item will be checked on dents, bendings and scratches thoroughly before shipping. The products are made from trusted factories and widely known printers among artists in my country. After each printing, I will make a quality check and color comparison with their digital counterpart. For details about the material and size, please read the description on the item's page.